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  Images Book No. 0011 - Chinese Turkestan Collection

Chapman, Capt. and Gordon, Colonel. Souvenirs d’Une Ambassade Anglaise a Kashgar. (Asie Centrale). Le Tour Du Monde, Paris, 1878, tall 4to (31 x 23cm), 64 pp., wrappers. First and only edition of this report in French language published in four issues by the Tour du Monde in 1878. The complete account of 64 pages numbered 65-128 has been gathered here and bound together with marbled boards. The work is illustrated with 39 engravings and one map. Good condition, marginal foxing. Illustrations show people, places, scenes, landscapes, buildings, etc. The text is full of picturesque details and scarce anecdotes on Mona  Zuru  Monastery, Leh, the wife of the Rajah of Ladakh, Hemis monastery, Panamick,  Mulla Arthuk, the glaciers, Shahidulla, Khoten, the relation with Constantinople, the Pass of Sanju, the fort of Abou-Bekr, costumes of the women, Kargalik, Yarkand, costume of the men, the veil, Yangi-Hissar valley, Kachgar, military forces of the country, magician dervishes, Artouch, Karawal, the Emir, etc. A precious  document for anyone who is looking on some detailed information about history of this Chinese region close to Afghanistan, in the Turkestan of Central Asia.

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  Images Book No. 0012 - Chinese Turkestan Collection

Pevtsov, Major- Gen. M. V. Puteshestvie po Vostochnomu Turkestanu, Kun’-Luniu, severnoi okraine Tibetskogo nagor’ia i Chzhungarii v 1889 i 1890 godakh. [Journey to the East Turkestan, Kun-lun  Mountains, the northern edge of the Tibetan Plateau and Dzhungaria  in 1889 and 1890]. St Petersburg., Imperial Russian Geographical Society Publishing, 1895, 1st ed., tall 4to (28 x 22cm), viii, 424 pp., photo frontispiece, numerous b/w photo illus. with tissue guards, large folding coloured map at rear in fine condition, errata leaf, ex-library copy, nice and clean, quarter leather binding with marbled covers, binding wear. The expedition which was initially led by General N. M. Przhevalsky and then, after his unexpected death, by Colonel M. V. Pevtsov (together with Captain Roborovsky, Lieutenant Kozlov and naturalist Bogdanovich) started in May, 1889 and ended in January, 1891, with an impressive sum of geographical achievement, although they had not realized the old dream of Przhevalsky, reaching Lhasa. They had made topographical surveys of 5,000 miles of mostly unknown terrain; they had established fifty geographical positions and made magnetic observations of ten points; they had gathered botanical, zoological, and geological specimens sufficient to load forty camels. Rare.

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  Images Book No. 0013 - Chinese Turkestan Collection

Shipton, Diana. The Antique Land. London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1950, 1st ed., 8vo (23 x 15cm), 219 pp., 23 photo plates, maps on endpapers, dust-wrapper.

  Images Book No. 0014 - Chinese Turkestan Collection

Shipton, Eric. That Untravelled World. An Autobiography. London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1969, 1st ed., 8vo (23 x 15cm), 286 pp., b/w photo illus., maps on endpapers, cloth gilt, dust-wrapper, signed copy.

  Images Book No. 0015 - Chinese Turkestan Collection

Steele, Peter. Eric Shipton. Everest and Beyond. London, Constable, 1998, 1st ed., 8vo (24 x 16cm), xiv, 290 pp, numerous b/w photo illus., maps in text, drawings, cloth, dust-wrapper.

  Images Book No. 0016 - Chinese Turkestan Collection

Skrine, C. P. and Naghtingale, Pamela. Macartney in Kashgar. New Light on British, Chinese and Russian Activities in Sinkiang, 1890-1918. London, Methuel & Co., 1973, 1st ed., 8vo (22 x 14cm), ix, 282 pp., maps in text, maps on endpapers, cloth gilt, dust-wrapper.

  Images Book No. 0017 - Chinese Turkestan Collection

Kish, G. To the Heart of Asia: The Life of Sven Hedin. Ann Arbor, The University of Michigan Press, 1984, 1st ed., tall 8vo (23 x 15cm), xiv, 153 pp., portrait frontispiece, b/w photo illus., drawings, maps on endpapers, cloth gilt, dust-wrapper.

  Images Book No. 0018 - Chinese Turkestan Collection

Montell, Gosta and Folke, Holmer. Sven Hedin as Artist: for the Centenary of  Sven Hedin’s Birth. Stockholm, Statens Etnografiska Museum, 1964, 1st ed., 4to (29 x 23cm), 62, 128 pp., 241 sketches and drawings by Sven Hedin, cloth gilt, dust-wrapper.

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  Images Book No. 0019 - Chinese Turkestan Collection

Kolesnikov, A. A. Russkie v Kashgarii (vtoraia polovina XIX - nachalo XX v.). Missii, expeditsii, puteshestviia. [Russians in Kashgaria (second half of the XIX - early XX centuries). Missions, Expeditions, and Travels]. Bishkek, Raritet Publishing, 2006, 4to (30 x 21cm), 160 pp., b/w photo illustrations, maps on endpapers. Boards. Edition limited to 500 copies. Rare. In Russian.

  Images Book No. 0020 - Chinese Turkestan Collection

Baskhanov M. K. General Lavr Kornilov. [General Lavr Kornilov]. London, Skiff Press, 2000, 1st ed., tall 8vo (25 x 17cm), 592 pp., numerous full page colour plates and  maps, drawings and b/w photo illustrations, dust-wrapper. Boards. Limited edition of 2000 numbered copies, most of the book’s stock was stolen in Moscow prior to retail sale and have never been recovered or even traced, those survived are exceptionally rare. In Russian.

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